Burzynski Clinic – no evidence, just intimidation

A quick post to let you all know about the vile harassment and intimidation coming from the Burzynski Clinic. Stanislaw Burzynski has a treatment, which he believes can cure cancer. This would be wonderful if true, but sadly there is no good independent peer-reviewed RCT evidence supporting that claim.

This does not stop desperate, terminally ill patients raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a chance to take this wonder-treatment. Well-meaning celebrities have done fundraising gigs and auctions to help send people to the Burzynski Clinic. They’re being fed false hope.

They’re being taken advantage of.

A number of bloggers have written about this situation, and that is when the Burzynski Clinic showed their true nature.  Please read high schooler Rhys Morgan’s brilliantly-written piece detailing the harassment and legal threats he has received, for simply telling the truth.

Here are some other excellent links (courtesy of Lucas Randall) you should check out for more information:

And lastly, my good friend Lucas Randall has written some poetry about the saga. Here is the first stanza, you can read the full poem here.

Stanislaw Burzynzki has risen to fame
‘cross the Net, no less, due to making some claims
He can cure Cancer, in its many known guises
With a treatment derived from a source that surprises.

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  1. josephinejones says :

    You have been added to my Streisand/Spartacus list of blog posts all written after Andy Lewis went public about the attempts to silence him.

    There are so far ninety such posts, all gathered together for the convenience of Mr Stephens.


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