A preview of the 11th Doctor Who

Last weekend the ABC screened the last of the Tennant episodes of Doctor Who (six weeks after the BBC… ahem) and while I wasn’t impressed with the two-parter, I am very sad to see David Tennant leave. The death of a Doctor is always painful to watch.

To ease the pain a bit, though, i thought I’d post the Preview trailers the BBC has released. The first one, released about a month ago, gives away the most in terms of spoilers – but even then it’s just the occasional face or word that indicates the villain – Weeping Angels, vampires, Daleks.

And the second one is fluff, mostly, without giving anything away… but it’s still good to watch.

I suspect “Geronimo” will be Matt Smith’s “Alons-y”. Which I can live with.

The next season is rumoured to start April 3, 2010 in the UK. Who’s looking forward to it? What did you think of the previews?

2 thoughts on “A preview of the 11th Doctor Who

  1. That last bit’s not fluff! It’s showing you how cool the SFX will be. ;-D

  2. Haha, possibly Trish – but I’m still not impressed! I just can’t wait for the new season! 🙂

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