Introducing: Ed Brown

It’s about time I let you know just who I am!

Mainly I’m just a smart-arse geek with a passion for technology, sci-fi and politics. I have some very strong opinions, which will no doubt come out in my writings.

I work in the warehouse of a small but growing industrial hardware business in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been a tech enthusiast since I was a kid, writing games and programs in BASIC on my family’s ZX Spectrum. For most of my 20s I was a hardcore online gamer, playing in a few competitive clans for various first person shooters. Late last year, I stopped gaming to work on my fitness and health. I am something of a Google fanboi.

I’m an avid consumer of all sorts of media, from TV and newspapers to social networking sites and video games. The current state of traditional journalism worries me, as I keep seeing examples of old media companies failing to understand the internet. I’m fascinated by the concept of New Media and how social media is shaping the news.

I’m a social liberal, and have previously voted for the Australian Democrats. I am a member of the Australian Sex Party, although I have not yet attended any meetings and I don’t hold any official position. I’m a firm believer in gay marriage, I’m pro-choice and fascinated by human sexuality. I consider myself agnostic – I believe there may or may not be gods, but if there are they either don’t care or are powerless to make the world better.

That’s a fair idea of who I am – I hate filling in profiles and summarising myself! Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Google Buzz, or ask me a question on Formspring!