That Puppy Episode

Twenty years ago a young comedian made an announcement on her slumping TV show. She received death threats, lost her job and fell into depression. For three years she couldn’t get any work. She revealed something of herself that nobody at the time would dare make public and it killer her career, her health and her wellbeing.

But while that announcement initially cost her personally, it saved the lives of thousands of people. Because of her, thousands of people found the courage to reveal who they were to the world. The strength to be themselves. The will to keep on living.

Thank you, Ellen. You deserve all the toaster ovens you could ever need.*

Ellen Degeneres quote

* And your career picked up enough that you can now afford them, so yay you!

A preview of the 11th Doctor Who

Last weekend the ABC screened the last of the Tennant episodes of Doctor Who (six weeks after the BBC… ahem) and while I wasn’t impressed with the two-parter, I am very sad to see David Tennant leave. The death of a Doctor is always painful to watch.

To ease the pain a bit, though, i thought I’d post the Preview trailers the BBC has released. The first one, released about a month ago, gives away the most in terms of spoilers – but even then it’s just the occasional face or word that indicates the villain – Weeping Angels, vampires, Daleks.

And the second one is fluff, mostly, without giving anything away… but it’s still good to watch.

I suspect “Geronimo” will be Matt Smith’s “Alons-y”. Which I can live with.

The next season is rumoured to start April 3, 2010 in the UK. Who’s looking forward to it? What did you think of the previews?