Upcoming Movies

Ahh, ‘serendipity’. A word which is almost ALWAYS followed by it’s definition: finding good things when not looking for them.

Which is what happened when, on the weekend, I was forced to clean my house. Well, most of my house. In doing so, I discovered – or should that be, rediscovered – my Christmas present from last year! Movie vouchers! Trouble is, they expire…. on 31 December 2010! So I have about 3 weeks to go and see four movies. Or three weeks to see one movie, with three friends. Or two movies with two friends. The possibilities are, well, not endless.

So…. who wants to see a movie? Having a look at what’s out now gives:

Tron: Legacy (3D)

Computers, motorbike racing and tight, figure-hugging neon-blue suits…. what more could a geek like me want?

Listen to or download Marc Fennell’s review of Tron:Legacy here.

Red Hill

An Australian Western sounds corny, but from everything I’ve seen this could be one of the best Aussie films yet.

Megamind (3D or 2D)

Animated superhero comedy film, supposed to be really good.

Listen to or download Marc Fennell’s review of Megamind here.

Fair Game

Drama based on the true story of undercover CIA Agent Valerie Plame, who was outed by White House officials to discredit her husband during the Bush Administration.


A Bruce Willis/Morgan Freeman action-comedy, sounds like an alright popcorn-movie.

So who wants to see a movie before December 31? Let me know which one you want to see, and when, and we’ll sort something out!